Reader Question: Showmanship Crossovers

Showmanship Question: When judge is inspecting 4 horses away do other exhibitors move according to where judge is even if the judge is not inspecting you?

Specifically, if I am exhibitor A and judge is inspecting exhibitor C, 2 horses down, if judge is on far side (to me) of Horse C at the quarters, does exhibitor A move to off side of his horse stay on the side?

Thank you,

Reader Question Part Three!

Hi Christine,

This is such a great question for showmanship. I took some time before answering it because it’s so difficult to explain without some pictures. At the moment, a photo isn’t an option for me, so I had been looking for one on the Internet that I could use for the explanation. Well, I didn’t find one. So I will answer the question without it and hopefully the explanation alone helps.

First I’d like to say, always show for four horses down even if you are not the one being judged.
The best way to know you are on the correct side of the judge is that you can easily see the judge.

In answer to your question, if the judge is on the right side of horse C back at his hindquarters, you as exhibitor A should be on the right side of your horse.
You should have crossed over to the right side of your horse when the judge passed the heart girth of horse C as he walked toward the hindquarters.

If the judge walks back to you from behind the three horses, do not cross back to the left until he or she crosses your horse’s tail.
Keep in mind, if you are the horse being judged, you will be crossing over at each quarter but if you are not the horse being judged, you will be crossing over far less.

You can practice showmanship with props, and be ready for any situation. Unless you have three or four other exhibitors to practice with I suggest you practice with props until you feel completely comfortable.

I am always looking for ways for exhibitors to practice things with out the horse so the way I came up with to test your question was really silly. Being nine months pregnant and unable to work with actual horses you really have to improvise!

I set up my vitamin bottles, lip-gloss, hand lotion, and some other props to be the horses, judge and exhibitors. It worked quite well to try out the crossovers. Probably some Breyer horses would have looked less silly, but it gave me the visual I needed to explain the answer to your question. Test it out and I hope you have a great 2008 show season!



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