Tips For Staying Cool During Summer Riding

I do love to sweat in the summer, it makes me feel so healthy and strong. But, I don’t want to dehydrate or overheat too much.

Here are some tips I use to stay cool during these hot summer months:

  • Pull your hair back. When your hair is off of the back of your neck you will stay much more comfortable.
  • Wet your hair, then pull it back in a bun. Your hair will stay wet, then as you get hot, take out the bun and put your hair into a ponytail. The wet hair feels great on your hot head and neck.
  • Drink plenty of water. Once you are thirsty, you are already technically dehydrated so keep drinking water.
  • Have Gatorade on hand. I don’t like to drink Gatorade too often because of all the sugar, but it does help once you get the dreaded dehydration headache.
  • Stay away from drinks with caffeine. They will dehydrate you instead of hydrate you.
  • Ride early in the morning, or later in the evening.
  • Wear breathable moisture wicking fabric such as coolmax.
  • Work on perfecting your pivots, side passing, and backing. Things that require more brains than brawn. It will keep both you and the horse cool.
  • I love those little hand fans that spray water, I can usually find them at the dollar store. It feels great to spray it into your face after a hot ride. It also works to desensitize your horse and it’s safe because the fan blades are made from Styrofoam.

Enjoy that beautiful summer weather and try to stay cool!



About Deanna Castro

Deanna Castro has been training horses and riders professionally for over 18 years. She trains riders in Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Showmanship and Trail Riding. Deanna is married to Native American Horse Trainer Fredi Castro and she is the author of "Six Weeks to a Better Horse".
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7 Responses to Tips For Staying Cool During Summer Riding

  1. EquineSpirit says:

    GREAT tips…and don’t forget sunscreen…TRUST me…OUCH! LOL!

  2. Deanna says:

    Oh great tip! How could I have forgotten.

  3. EquineSpirit says:

    I dunno BUT I sure remembered today when I was out and had my shoulders uncovered and hair up in a ponytail!! Don’t need to burn the burn…LOL! :) But then it’s a lesson that unfortunately I seem to have to repeat every year or so…LOL!

  4. Misty's Mom says:

    Instead of Gatorade, Propel is a much healthier alternative for your teeth. My pal spent the whole summer doing hard core softball (that was a funny and unintentional pun) with Gatorade on hand at all times. At her fall check up, my friend, who I am pretty sure is extremely meticulous had, count ‘em, 6 cavities. The dentist told her that Gatorade did that to teeth and to switch to Gatorade’s line of fitness water. We don’t go to a horse show without a cooler-full of Propel. Thanks for posting these handy tips!

  5. Deanna says:

    LOL equinespirit! You have to protect that skin… I think that the sand in the arenas really reflect the sun. I call our outdoor arena “the beach” you get so much sun there.

    Great tip on the Propel Misty’s Mom. I was just going to BJ’s to buy a case of Gatorade and after I read your comment, I skipped it! Thanks for doing my teeth a favor!


  6. Cheryl says:

    Since I’m a melanoma survivor, I HAVE to wear sunscreen AND a hat AND fairly long sleeves! I forgot to drink my water one day and the next day I had severe chest pains and ended up in the ER! I take water mixed with Emergen-C and drink it now! I also wear my hair in a ponytail with my baseball hat!

  7. Deanna says:

    All great tips Cheryl. I’m glad you are OK and back riding! I will have to try the water mixed with Emergen-C this summer, since I have to stay away from the sugary gatorade.

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