Clip Of The Week – If Wishes Were Horses

I’m ready for another baby, the four legged kind.

This filly is for sale, and I really like her.  She is in my price range, cute, and a nice loper.

The problem is, she is in Iowa.  The last time I bought a horse from a video I thought I found the perfect horse.  I had him shipped from Colorado to Pennsylvania.  I was so excited to see this perfect horse when he got to the barn. Much to my surprise the woman had sent a different horse than was in the video! 

The horse she sent was an ugly, head bobbing, bucking, horrible loper. I lost thousands of dollars on that deal!  I vowed to never do that again.   
If I were to do it again, this would be the one…

About Deanna Castro

Deanna Castro has been training horses and riders professionally for over 18 years. She trains riders in Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Showmanship and Trail Riding. Deanna is married to Native American Horse Trainer Fredi Castro and she is the author of "Six Weeks to a Better Horse".
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3 Responses to Clip Of The Week – If Wishes Were Horses

  1. EquineSpirit says:

    She’s cute! Whereabouts in MN is she?!? Ya know…I’m in Minnesota…soooo…if she’s in my area I’d be more than happy to check her out for ya…take video…or whatever… :)

  2. Deanna says:

    Aww, thanks EquineSpirit. But I think I’m crazy now. I swear it said she was in Minnesota, then I look again and it says “Marshalltown, Iowa”. I must be sporting “Mommy Brain” again!

  3. EquineSpirit says:

    LOL! I suffer from “mommy brain” quite frequently…LOL!

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