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Normally on Mondays, I like to have a training article to publish, but this Monday I’m feeling worse than the stuff that you pick out of your horse’s hooves when they have stood in the stall all day.  


Speaking of which, we are going to have a bunch of stuff to pick out of the horse’s hooves tomorrow when I get back to teaching.  It hasn’t stopped snowing for days and it’s a sheet of ice from the barn to the pasture so all the horse’s can get right now is some minute turnout in the indoor arena.  



The reason I’m “sick” is because I’m detoxing on a raw vegan diet.  This is something that used to be a huge part of my life but I really started to slack.  A raw vegan diet consists solely of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  I actually do eat raw honey so some say I’m “raw beegan”.  My body is in overdrive now it’s been 19 days and I believe I have broken the addiction to cooked food.  I am vegan for my health as opposed to some of the other vegans who do it for moral issues.   I’m glad no animals die for me to eat, BUT, you won’t catch me without a leather saddle or leather boots.  Sorry cows, but somebody ate you anyway.  


Why the drastic diet?  My body has not been able to get into the proper shape to ride since I’ve had the baby.  Now that I’m riding bareback until spring, I realize that if I fell with the extra weight I can get hurt.  Not to worry though, I haven’t fallen yet, and I don’t expect to fall either!  However, I’ve already lost 10 pounds in 19 days.  I’m sort of doing this to lose weight, but really I’m doing it to be healthy and have loads of energy.  My face has brightened, and I now have no dark circles under my eyes.  As for the honey, vegans don’t usually eat it because they don’t like to agitate the bees but I don’t think they have much long term memory anyway!  What size is the brain of a bee?  Like the size of pin head maybe?  


If you would like to learn more about the Raw Vegan Diet check out  thegardendiet.com. It’s a super fast, super safe way to lose weight and get in shape for riding.  Here is a link to some amazing transformations before with the SAD (Standard American Diet) and after with the Raw Vegan Diet.  I would like to add that it’s not a “fad diet” but rather a “lifestyle” that I would like to keep for life.  Hopefully in a few months time I will have my own “before” and “after” pictures to post.


About Deanna Castro

Deanna Castro has been training horses and riders professionally for over 18 years. She trains riders in Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Showmanship and Trail Riding. Deanna is married to Native American Horse Trainer Fredi Castro and she is the author of "Six Weeks to a Better Horse".
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5 Responses to Raw Vegan Riding

  1. Good luck! I will be checking in to see how it goes for you. The links had interesting info, and I have to admit the concept intrigues me.

    I enjoy your blog.


  2. dcastro says:

    Thanks Glenda! I have to say, the raw vegan diet is the one thing that really helps me, try it for a day or even a meal and see if you like it.

  3. Sabrina says:

    I wish I could do it…but in this cold climate having a nice hot bowl of soup (tomato, mushroom, or cream of broccoli) is AWESOME in the winter…LOL!!

  4. RhondaL says:

    Hmmm … as one with that “perfect storm” of a midlife metabolism and genetics that have programmed me to convert into a human sparkplug, I find this fascinating. I’m going to have to look into this. Thanks for the tip.

  5. dcastro says:

    You’re welcome. I can definitely tell you are a writer. Wow you definitely have a way with words ;) .

    I’m glad you are going to check it out because it is amazing how great I feel and how happy I am with what it is doing for me, I want everyone to fell as good as I do.

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