Stable Scoop Episode 73 – Angelea from HorsegirlTV

Angelea Kelly Walkup joins us to share her experiences training dressage in the Netherlands with Olympic Gold Medalist Anky Van Grunsven. She also gives us a preview into HorsegirlTV for 2010, listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 73 – Angelea from HorsegirlTV:

  • Hosts: Glenn the Geek and Samantha Clark
  • Guest: Thanks to Angelea Kelly Walkup!
  • Guest Website:
  • Video: See HorsegirlTV’s video with Georgina Bloomberg Talks About School, Showing And Juggling A Busy Life.
  • Mentioned in Show: Georgina Bloomberg – The Rider’s Closet – quality consignment equestrian clothing and used tack.

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About Deanna Castro

Deanna Castro has been training horses and riders professionally for over 18 years. She trains riders in Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Showmanship and Trail Riding. Deanna is married to Native American Horse Trainer Fredi Castro and she is the author of "Six Weeks to a Better Horse".
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