My Horse Training Book

Six Weeks to a Better Horse

My Horse Training Book Six Weeks to a Better Horse ebook is now available on!

Six Weeks to a Better Horse is the Ultimate Groundwork Guide for you and your horse.  It all starts from the ground.  We spend a lot of money on our horses and they are wrapped up in our hopes and dreams.  It is difficult when you have to struggle with your horse instead of enjoy him.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

With my Horse Training Book, Six Weeks to a Better Horse you will have access to my tried and true training program that I have implemented on hundreds of horses and riders to turn the horse you have into the horse you always wanted.  Horses that are that trained with my methods are safe and enjoyable.  You and your horse will have more confidence and form a partnership where the two of you can truly enjoy each other.   I’m always striving to improve communication between horse and rider and there is no better way to do that than starting from the ground.

All good horse training begins with a good solid foundation.  When a horse is not well broke on the ground you cannot expect him to be well broke in the saddle.  Jumping on a horse and expecting him to be safe and know what you want from him just doesn’t work.  When you go to the barn you need to have a plan.  Not just any plan but a plan that works.  My horse training plan with help you understand how to be successful with your horse.

What are you waiting for?  You can get your copy of my book Six Weeks to a Better Horse HERE.  You can even download the book onto your phone and take it with you to the barn.

Happy Horse Training!


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