My Horse Training eBook – Six Weeks to a Better Horse

In this ultimate ground work training eBook I teach you how to make a better horse in just six weeks.

We spend a small fortune on your horses so they need to be enjoyable right?  With my horse training program I personally use on all of my and my clients horses your horse will transform into your dream partner right before your eyes.

All horse training begins on the ground.  A horse will only be as good in the saddle as he is on the ground.  In my horse training eBook Six Weeks to a Better Horse here are just a few things you will learn:

  • How to plan horse training sessions so they are not only productive but fun!
  • Halter Breaking – You may think your horse is halter broke, but why he is probably not.
  • How to teach your horse patience and happily await your next cue.
  • Why proper longe line training is crucial for a well trained safe and healthy horse, hint: it’s not just running in circles blowing off steam.
  • And much more!

Anyone can follow a recipe to make cookies.  In order to have great cookies, you will need a great recipe.  This is a great easy to follow recipe for a well trained horse.

You will learn over $10,000 of information for only $7.99.  What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Six Weeks to a Better Horse today and train your horse into the horse of your dreams.

You can order your copy of my eBook HERE.


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