Your Business Fairy Godmother

Deanna Castro Your Business Fairy Godmother

I help aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages find and create their purpose-driven businesses.

There has been no better time in history to start an online business than now.

Online business has the lowest overhead of any type of business. You can be location-independent and control your paycheck.

Why let someone else tell you how much money you are worth?

By using my courses and business coaching, I can help you create that “perfect for you business” so you can do what you love and be able to make more money.

What Others Are Saying…

Katie Harrison, Beer Can Gardens
Katie Harrison, Beer Can Gardens

“Deanna Castro – What a wonder she is! On a professional level, she never ceases to astonish me with the many skills she has up her sleeves.

When the pandemic hit and I found myself suddenly unemployed (like so many), she took it upon herself to help me create my brand for the business I was starting! Like a “Business Fairy Godmother”!

Not only was this simply extremely generous and unexpected, but I must say, the quality she presented me with was beyond anything I could have envisioned. Due to her talents and vision, she immediately helped me take my business to the next level.

I’m forever grateful for her, as well as impressed every day with the new offerings she shares with the world, and I can’t wait to see what she presents us with next!”