Homeschool Classroom Ideas

10 Innovative Homeschool Classroom Ideas For Kidpreneurs

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School recently started, and I’ve got some great homeschool classroom ideas for kidpreneurs. I believe that kids make the best entrepreneurs, so I love to do whatever I can to encourage that entrepreneurial spirit, and it all starts with the homeschool classroom.

My family and I are full-time RVers, and if we don’t have an organized space for our classroom, things can get crazy fast! These ideas aren’t just great for kidpreneurs, but entrepreneurs of all ages.

We now keep most of our school information online, but we do have a few supplies, and the best place to keep them is in a rolling cart. Each kid gets their own cart, and it makes life so much easier.

Classroom Word Of The Year

Homeschool Classroom Ideas

Every year we have a word of the year, and then every month has its theme that helps the word of the year happen. That word can match your business. It will help get your business idea and mission clearer when you set a classroom word of the year.

Think of your classroom word of the year, kind of like goal setting with some extra focus. For example, I use our word of the year in my business, in our homeschool classroom, and for my kid’s businesses.

Some great classroom words could be:

  • Sustainable – eco friendly options to help the planet (this can be used in the decor, have a strong focus on science and sustainability)
  • Vintage – vintage can be fun, you can decorate with vintage looking items and learn about different styles from the past (this can go alog with history, for a vintage type business)
  • High Tech – you can make your classroom “smart” and have lots of technology, this is a great theme for a business that is also “high tech”

You can always have a brainstorming session and decide on the word together.

Theme Of The Month

homeschool classroom ideas for entrepreneurs theme of the month

Once you’ve set a word of the year for your classroom, you can next set a theme of the month for every month. For example, September’s theme is organization. It’s the perfect theme for back to school.

The more organized your homeschool classroom is, the more clarity everyone will have. What better time to organize than at the beginning of the school year? 

I’m sure you have been busy organizing our homeschool classroom getting ready for the first day of school. It’s always exciting to have a homeschool classroom that is bright and cheerful.

A bright, cheerful environment with lots of natural light will encourage creativity, and it has so many health benefits.

Clear The Clutter

We have moved most everything online, and it’s been so helpful. I know you know what I’m talking about when I say homeschooling can cause clutter! It’s always a good homeschool classroom idea to keep the clutter clear.

I love paper, I really do, but there is not much reason for it when we can so easily go digital.

A digital classroom is perfect for the mom and kidpreneur.

Digital School & Business Supplies

Homeschool Classroom Ideas For Kidpreneurs

My favorite school and business supplies for budding young entrepreneurs:

iPad, Keyboard & Apple Pencil

My kids each have one, we invested over time, one piece at a time, and it was worth it. You don’t need anything else for school except a few apps if you have an iPad, a wireless keyboard, and an Apple Pencil.

Of course, kids can use a laptop, but it’s an inexpensive alternative to grab an iPad and an apple pencil. 

You don’t have to go to the Apple store and buy the latest and greatest. Instead, go to Target or Walmart and get an older or refurbished model. 

If you get a tough case, something like an otter box with a stand (safe and practical), they can use it as a monitor, and the wireless keyboard makes it a computer.

Anything they need a laptop for (for example, building the website), they can use a parent’s laptop if that’s more comfortable but not necessary. They can do just about anything with the iPad.

Art Department

Procreate – A digital painting app

We don’t even have any art projects floating around because they do them all on Procreate. Your kids can do next-level art projects to sell in their businesses. That app is $10, that’s it, no monthly or yearly fees, $10 once. I spent way more on that for art supplies that, quite frankly, were messy. 

Homeschool Dashboard

Trello – Trello is a free organizational tool, and you can have the whole family working from one board. It’s my favorite way to keep my homeschool classroom organized.

If you keep everything in one place, you save so much time and never have to go looking for anything. So I keep everything on there, lesson plans, attendance, grade books, the kids’ work, web addresses. If it has to do with homeschool, it’s on there. 

Goodnotes – Goodnotes is $7.99 at the app store, and you never have to use paper again. The whole family can share the app, so you only pay once and own the app forever.

My kids download PDFs from my curriculum, Business In A Bundle™- For Students, and fill them out on the Goodnotes app on their iPads with the apple pencil. No printing and no paper necessary.

There are also blank notebooks on Goodnotes they can use for free and unlimited. So no more buying notebooks, no more notebooks lying around, getting lost or getting torn. No more pencils needing to be sharpened or pens running out of ink.

Plus, they write in their handwriting with an apple pencil. Win/Win

The kids can attach their work right onto the Trello board, and you have everything right at your fingertips. 

You can store everything on the cloud, so nothing ever gets lost or is not accessible. 


Homeschool Books Kindle Unlimited

As for books, I know there is nothing like the feel of paper in your hands, but living in a 400 square foot RV, books are a luxury that we don’t have room for, so it’s all about Kindle.

I get KindleUnlimited books for the kids, and then I assign a book a month (more if it’s a short book), and there is always something new and fun to read. Plus Mom and Dad can read books too. Download Kindle to their iPad and sync it to Goodreads (another free app), and you can track what the kids read.

If it sounds expensive, it’s not. Instead of buying many things that get trashed, you buy a few items that you can use every day.

You can even make their “school supplies” a gift. You’re going to buy them something anyway. So why not make it educational?

Plus, if you are starting a business for the kids, don’t forget it’s all a tax write-off if you are using it for their business.

My Favorite Curriculum

Kidpreneur Homeschool Classroom Ideas

My favorite homeschool curriculum is Business In A Bundle – For Students. You can follow the program and build an entire business for a school project. But it’s not just a project, and you can build an actual business.

I love to teach kids business, especially homeschooling kids, because there is no better time to become an entrepreneur than when kids are still in school.

You would be surprised at how many school subjects are covered when building a business—language arts, math, and art a just a few. Check out Business In A Bundle – For Students. Hosted on the Teachable platform

You can download the teachable app and work on Business In A Bundle™ from any device. 

Homeschool Classroom Ideas

Those school supplies are also their business supplies! A great place to keep the electronics and all of the charging devices is in a rolling cart.

There are so many fun colors available to brighten up your homeschool classroom.

By having your homeschool classroom organized, your kids are free to be more creative and work on that entrepreneurial mindset. 

They don’t just have school supplies, and they have business tools. School is magical, and it’s the place where they set their plans into action.

I’m so excited about this school year, and I can’t wait to see all the big things our kids accomplish.

Classroom Art

If your kids create digital art on Procreate, you can have it put on canvas and decorate your classroom with your own digital art.

Think of how motivating it is to a child who has their own artwork done professionally on canvas? There are many ways to motivate kids to enjoy school, and I hope these homeschool classroom ideas can get your budding kidpreneur fired up for all the possibilities this year can bring.

Did that give you some inspiration for your kidpreneur classroom? Let me know in the comments what you think of these ideas, I would love to hear from you.

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