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Hey Babe, I’m Deanna Castro!

Mindset Coach for aspiring & ambitious entrepreneurs

Growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs, I was raised with the belief that anyone can create the life they desire with motivation, manifestation, and grit. After starting and scaling a few brick and mortar businesses and a successful stint in corporate sales, I decided to pivot to working online and started blogging.

Fast forward to 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit. I was able to continue living fairly normally. I continued to homeschool my children, road trip across the US in our RV, and write my blog. As my appreciation for working online grew, I realized how many aspiring entrepreneurs were home with extra time on their hands. It was then that I started building my signature course, business in a box. I’m so excited to be working with aligned fempreneurs and helping them build purpose-driven businesses.

How May I Help You?

30 min intensive

Shift Your Clarity Into Overdrive

Whether you are trying to figure out what business to start, or are ready to scale your business, I will help you get those business goals crystal clear.

Business In a Bundle

My Signature Course for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In this course, you will learn how to transform your mindset, find your niche, identify your ideal clients, utilize manifestation to attract your dream clients, and build a brand that resonates with your ideal audience.

60 min intensive

Align Your Mindset To Match Your Goals

Gain clarity, identify blocks, set goals, do some energetic cleansing, and create a plan for your success to get your mindset ready for massive growth.

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