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10 Awesome Money Making Business Ideas For Teens

Here are 10 business ideas for teens to get them farther ahead in life.

The online business startup costs are low, and kids can make extra money as an entrepreneur.

Why not start an online business and be able to pay for their own college or maybe not even need college at all?

How much further ahead would you be today if you started your business while you were still in high school?

That was a question I kept asking myself. Back when I was a teen, I was so hungry to learn about business. Back then, kids starting businesses wasn’t really a thing, but today, that’s all changed.

Kids can get a part-time job working for minimum wage, or they can go into business for themselves and start building an empire using the same amount of their time. When you look at it like that, it’s kind of a no-brainer to start thinking about business ideas for kids.

The best part about kids and business is that you can see the natural inclination of children from an early age before they grow up and get confused about who they are and what they were meant to do. Ask any kid and they know what they like and are they very passionate about it.

I curated ten business ideas for teens that can be adapted to any child’s passion.

#1 Artist

Gone are the days when artists need to be starving, the artist niche can be a profitable business.

Kids are the perfect artists, and if they have a passion for art, with a little direction they can make a full-blown business out of it. Sculpture, painting, jewelry, illustration, or digital art can all be sold in a teen art business.

Teens are always cutting edge of everything, why not turn that expertise into a business?

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso

#2 Influencer

A great micro business idea for teens is an influencer.

What’s an influencer? An influencer is someone who can impact the way people think, specifically their buying decisions.

Teens are the perfect influencers because they know what’s hot and what’s not.

Teenagers are all over social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook they just need a niche that they are passionate about and a business can be born. There is room for influencers in just about every niche on social media.

An influencer is a very low cost business idea. It can easily be done with a smartphone and a good strategy.

#3 Online Shop Owner

An online shop is perfect for a young entrepreneur.

The overhead for an online shop is nothing compared to a physical store. Almost anyone can afford to open an online shop, and teenagers are no exception.

Kids can sell what’s hot, things they are passionate about and that they know other kids their age love to buy. They can start out without a huge amount of inventory and build their business from their own bedroom or garage.

As an online shop owner, the world is their marketplace and they are not limited to a small geographic area.

Check out Fiona Frills, the teen girl boss who owns her own skincare company called Frilliance. If she can do it, why can’t your kids?

#4 A Virtual Coach

Some kids just have a knack for coaching. Lots of high achieving athletic and academic teens would make great coaches for their peers and younger kids.

Who wouldn’t want a star athlete or a straight-A student to coach them on to greatness? Teens can coach anything that they have mastered, it doesn’t have to be academic or athletics.

Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s just starting to take off. Why not try out this business idea for your teen entrepreneur?

#5 Blogger

Blogging is a great business idea for teens. Want to know why? It’s a great way to bring traffic to their website and learning to write is an incredible skill that they can use for their entire life. Not to mention, that the potential to make six figures monthly can also be a big draw.

A blog can be a great kid business. Blogging is not only educational and lucrative, but it’s also fun. If your teenager loves to write, then blogging may be the perfect business for them.

Blogs are a great source of earning potential. There is no limit to how much money can be made with a great blog.

#6 YouTuber

YouTube is a fantastic business idea for teens. A little bit of creativity, mixed with some technical skills and a desire to be in front of the camera can make a great kid business.

If you want to know how much money your favorite YouTuber makes check out social blade and see what they make just from ads. There is so much more money you can make on YouTube than just from ads, making YouTube a fantastic place to grow a business for teens.

#7 Author

Why can’t a teenager be an author? In this digital age of self-publishing, no one can turn you down to be published, because you can publish your books yourself!

There are plenty of great writing coaches out there that can make this one of those awesome business ideas for teens. Kids have a fantastic imagination that can be used to write anything from kids books to a novel.

#8 Digital Creator

One of my favorite business ideas for teens is a digital creator. What is a digital creator? A digital creator is someone who creates digital things like courses, PDFs, Templates, and any other digital creation you can think of.

Whatever you can imagine, you can create and sell digitally.

#9 Subscription Box Curator

Subscription boxes are so hot right now, and for good reason, you can get a major discount on some great products with a subscription.

A subscription box curator is a great small business idea for teens who love shopping. If teens have a passion for products in a particular niche they can create an amazing subscription business.

#10 Podcaster

Starting a podcast is a great business idea for a young person because teens love to talk. Why not take that all that passion for something and put it into a money-making podcast?

Teens go through a lot, having a space to share with others on a platform with a podcast would be a wonderful platform to discuss all the things that are on kids’ minds.

Combine Business Ideas

To leverage the most out of any of the above teenage businesses kids can leverage different ones together to make the most impact. It’s great for teens to try different businesses to figure out what they like.

When kids start a business early, they can really drill down on the idea that they like.

Learn How To Start An Online Business

Now that you have some great business ideas for teens, want help building an online business? Does your child want to be a successful entrepreneur?

Check out Business In A Bundle – For Students, for all the tools your teenager needs to build an entire small business from scratch.

I created Business In A Bundle – For Students because I knew I wanted to start a business from a very young age but there was nothing out there to teach me how to do it.

All that has now changed, any child can learn to start a real business step-by-step with Business In A Bundle – For Students.

What is your favorite business idea for teens on the list? Do you have a teen that would love to start a small business? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

9 thoughts on “10 Awesome Money Making Business Ideas For Teens”

  1. I love this! Such a great list of ideas for our kids to start creating and learning business skills! What a great way to give teens a head start to their careers! Thanks so much for this!

  2. Love this! So creative! I love how nowadays, influencer is a reasonable suggestion. Especially for teenagers and especially because it doesn’t come with a bunch of startup costs. Honestly a very good low-risk idea.

  3. I love this blog post and wish I read it in my teens! Blogging always seemed so overwhelming and it wasn’t until I started that I realized that I control the pace and journey. Part of me still wishes I started years ago but here I am and I am having a blast! I will definitely share this with all the teens in my life!

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