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The Clubhouse App – 3 Reasons You Need To Be On it NOW

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Clubhouse App, have you heard of it? I’m sure you have and that’s why you are here. The Clubhouse chat app is the hottest up and coming app available right now.

What is the Clubhouse App?

The Clubhouse App is a social media app that is currently in beta, invite only so it’s so exclusive and is only available to iPhone ios users.

What about the android user? The android app is coming! Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have been working to open it up to more users since its start in March of 2020.

Clubhouse is an audio app that is designed to be a networking app that strictly uses voice. You go into a chat room with different people and have a live conversation.

Think of it like you are at a big conference with all the top people in your field and you get to go into different rooms to speak with people and have meaningful conversations as often as you would like for FREE.

Who Is On The Clubhouse Social App?

Everyone who is anyone is on clubhouse. Thought leaders, tech giants, entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, and even Elon Musk who kind of broke it for a minute. I was trying to log onto Clubhouse and kept getting an error message because their servers were on overload when Elon Musk hosted his first room.

Clubhouse is a really different type of social media platform with an invite system.

Now is the best time to get onto Clubhouse. Think about the early adopters of YouTube and Tiktok. YouTube is more difficult to get traction than it was in its early days. That is Clubhouse right now, the early days.

Reason #1 Opportunities And Connections

The opportunities and connections you can make on Clubhouse have been incredible. The gold of Clubhouse is in the people who are in the rooms.

When you are in a Clubhouse room, you only see the person’s picture and hear their voice. You can go to anyone’s picture and read their bio. The bio is gold. All eyes are on you when you are “up on the stage,” on the Clubhouse Social App.

When you are brought up to the stage from the audience, you can unmute your microphone and speak to the audience. If people like what you are saying, they click on your bio and follow you!

The bio is gold, you can gain customers and connections with a well written bio.

Not only that, Clubhouse has no way to DM. However, you do have the ability to link your Instagram and Twitter to your Clubhouse bio. People slide right up into your DM’s (direct messages). On the Clubhouse Social App, right away and the connections, customers, and conversations start rolling in, building your following, your business, and your brand.

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Vocal Connections On The Clubhouse App

When you write content, the tone may not be exactly how you want it. But, when you are speaking on the clubhouse app it’s your authentic voice. You are speaking with inflection and feeling and people resonate with that.

You sent a text and the tone was misconstrued. That happened, hasn’t it? But when you call someone on the phone, there is no doubt that when you say something to someone your tone is much easier to understand.

Even in a blog post, you can get your tone out there if you are a good writer. Because even if you are great at writing it’s only a one-way dialog. With clubhouse, you can speak and engage in a conversation. When you speak in a clubhouse room you know if what you are saying is being received by the Clubhouse audience. Do you know why? Because you can hear their reactions.

Reason #2 A Built-In Audience

It’s amazing to be on the Clubhouse app because if you want to start a room, anyone who follows you and asks to be notified will get a notification (whether they are on the app or not) that you are hosting a room. You have a built-in audience at your beck and call who want to hear from you.

Anyone can turn off their notifications, but a lot of people don’t (myself included) because they don’t want to miss out on an awesome room.

People “ping” their followers when they are hosting a room or enjoying a room and they feel you will find value in that room. I have been pinged into so many amazing rooms.

I have even been pinged into a room when there was a discussion happening and my expertise was needed. That is just an incredible opportunity that you have with the Clubhouse App.

On the Clubhouse App, there is something called a “Hallway”. You can scroll down the hallway and see all the rooms that the people you follow are in attendance. That is a great way to build relationships. You can jump into a room when you see someone of value.

One of the moderators will see you in room and knows the value you bring to the conversation you get invited right up on stage like a VIP.

This is an incredible opportunity. Because once you get up there you can introduce yourself and drop your elevator pitch to the crowd. As soon as that happens everyone starts checking out your profile and following you on Clubhouse, Instagram, and Twitter.

This built in audience does not exist anywhere else online in this way right now.

Host Rooms

You can even host your own rooms on the Clubhouse App establishing you as an authority on your topics. When you host rooms you have an opportunity to share what you know with your audience and if they resonate with what you are saying they will follow you.

Your rooms can be scheduled and you can share the link on social media and your followers will be able to see your “upcoming events” on the calendar giving you even more visibility.

Hosting rooms on the Clubhouse App is a great way to find other creators to collaborate with and you can leverage each others followers and audiences.

Hosting your own room is a great way to teach on topics that you are passionate about and you can build your confidence to branch out onto other forms of social media.

You can also “ping” people into your room to let them know your room has started. They in turn can ping their friends which brings even more traffic to your Clubhouse Room.

You can host a different room all the time on a whim or host weekly, monthly and even daily rooms on the same topic. Whatever type of room you want to host on Clubhouse is up to you! That’s the beauty of Clubhouse, there is no one size fits all solution and you can do whatever it is that works for you.

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You Have A Platform

As long as you are on the Clubhouse App you have a platform to speak. If you don’t feel comfortable in a room, you simply “leave quietly” and go to another room.

Clubhouse is a community, and once you find your people the conversations are so rich with information and love. There are some rooms that you may not want to go into, so only follow people who truly resonate with you because your hallway will be filled with the topics of the people you follow.

There are so many amazing people on the Clubhouse App, and you can use that platform to get out your message to the world much faster and organically than you ever thought possible.

Reason #3 An Opportunity To Learn Almost Anything

There are rooms on the Clubhouse App for almost anything! You can drop into a room and lurk if you would like. You can stay down in the audience and just soak up all the knowledge.

If you are looking for brand ambassadors, a stylist, an app developer or any other thing that you can think of, you can find them on Clubhouse. Not only that, but you can just go into rooms and listen and soak up knowledge that you may not be able to find anywhere else for free.

Every time I go onto the Clubhouse App I meet so many great people to collaborate with, get help from and help.

There is so much you can gain from Clubhouse, but don’t just go there to take, go in there to learn and teach and it will make your experience even better.

If you are not on Clubhouse yet, I cannot stress enough how fast you need to get on there! This is your chance to get in on an at while it is still at its early stages.

Get on the Clubhouse App to make connections, to build your brand, to gain knowledge, to help others and you can thank me later.

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So tell me, are you on Clubhouse? Did you get an invite? Do you think that you want to leverage the Clubhouse App for you and your business?

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  1. I’ve never heard Clubhouse app until I came across this post. It sounds very interesting. I like the aspect that you can network with people who are within the same field. Will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! I’ve got accepted to club house the other day and I’m loving it! I mainly use it for learning and it’s great! Thanks for sharing

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