How To Organize Your Online Business

How To Organize Your Online Business For Maximum Productivity

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Want to learn how to organize your online business for maximum productivity?

I have a few different online businesses, and I get nowhere fast if I’m not hyper-organized.

How To Organize Your Online Business

Your online business can turn into a mess with all of the moving parts if you don’t set up a system that can help you run your business so that your business doesn’t run you.

Whether at the beginning of your journey or as a seasoned entrepreneur, every small business owner can benefit from a well-organized business.

how to organize your online business for success

Your Business Dashboard

I love Trello for my business dashboard. What is a business dashboard? It’s a place where you have all of your business information at your fingertips.

Some Items/Tasks To Keep On Your Business Dashboard:

Workflows – Workflows are a sequence of steps you take to accomplish each task or project

Project Management – You can add tasks, projects, workflows, contacts, due dates, and so much more (even if you are the only person on your team right now, you can still utilize project management)

Tasks – To-do lists and individual tasks for projects, content, social media, video, photos, etc

Spreadsheets – Attach Spreadsheets and Google Docs for different tasks and also to track your income and expenses

Sales & Marketing – Create workflows, add sales and marketing campaigns to your calendar

Blog Posts – Plan your content ahead of time, workflows, future post ideas, and promotion

Content Calendar – All of your monthly content at a glance in one place

Affiliate Information – Keeping your affiliate information all in one place makes it much easier to make money from affiliate products

Can you make affiliate income if you can’t even remember who is your partner right? Been there, done that.

Social Media Content Calendar -You can keep anything you will post to social media right here. If you have a separate calendar, link it to your business dashboard so you can access it with one click.

Anything you need for your business goes on the dashboard. The only exception? Passwords

I don’t store passwords on my Trello business dashboard. I will, however, put login page links there so I can quickly get to all of the pages I need in a second or two. But password information, no.

It’s amazing the amount of time you can save when you don’t have to hunt for anything because it’s all laid out in front of you on your business dashboard.

Login Information & Passwords

When you conduct business online, there is a login for everything. Hundreds and thousands of logins are everywhere.

Where is the best place to store those logins? All in one place. Store it someplace safe that is password protected. For example, you can use the passwords function on your iPhone or a locked note.

There is probably a better way to do this, and if you know of one, let me know in the comments. But for now, I feel pretty safe with these methods. But, of course, I’m constantly guarding my passwords, resetting them, using 2-factor authentication, and I don’t reuse passwords either.

I have trust issues when it comes to protecting my assets.

I’m not an android user, so I don’t have options for you there, but apple keeps your passwords safe and alerts you if any of your passwords have been in a breach. They let you know that there was a breach and it’s time to change the password.

Connect All Your Content

You can next-level your online business organization when you have all your content in front of you at a glance. 

When you get your business plans out of your head and onto paper and then ultimately onto your computer, your life will get so much easier.

You can see what blog post is going live and get all your social media scheduled to promote that content that corresponds.

Otherwise, all of the information is in your head and can disappear. You have enough stuff to do. You might forget what is happening next in your business if you don’t connect all your content on your Business Dashboard.


You can add workflows or a workflow diagram to your business dashboard. What are the exact steps that you take to do each task? 

If you have your workflow in your business dashboard, it’s much easier to hand off a task to a virtual assistant (or your spouse) because it’s already documented.

You can go over the process once, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Everyone is clear on the process, and the instructions are ready to go.

If you’re anything like me, you have so many moving parts in your business or businesses that you need workflows so that you do it the same way, too, every single time.

Some tasks you don’t do every day. For example, when you document your workflow, it doesn’t matter if you forget something; your workflow will remind you what happens next.

Recurring Tasks

Do you have a Recurring Task? This can get copied in your dashboard—no need to write it every single day. Just copy and move it to the correct place on your dashboard.

If I had to write down every task I need to accomplish, it would take me all day! Instead, my recurring tasks are already pre-loaded into my business dashboard, and all I have to do is check them off!

Social Media

How to organize your online business with a business plan

Social media is always changing, and there is so much to learn and do every day. 

You can add your social media content calendar and to-do lists to your business dashboard and knock those tasks out too.

Social media is an asset of your business, and every online entrepreneur that has been in business for any length of time has quite a few different platforms where they are active.

When you keep your social media content calendar in your business dashboard, you can easily see what promotions you have coming up, what content you need to promote. You can get creative and repurpose your content.


You can have an entire section of your dashboard devoted to this one platform. In addition, there are posts, IG TV, Reels, and stories; if you are utilizing all of those things, you have a lot of content to plan. 

Create your plan and keep it in your business dashboard.

Organization Is A Great Investment

how to make your online business successful

I know they say that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. I’m here to tell you disorganization stifles your creativity.

Not everyone is hyper-organized, but it isn’t easy to think clearly when always looking for stuff. 

When you have your desk and your online business organized, you are ready to grow.

How can you grow if you can’t handle what you have right now? If you are disorganized in your business, you may be overwhelmed. Take some time and organize. It takes a few extra hours to organize your business, but you will save hundreds if not thousands of hours in the future.

Think about that. It’s for your own good. Organize everything you have, and you will grow.

If you grow while you are disorganized, that’s awesome, but you will not be at your full potential. You will be operating with a handicap. Invest some time into your business organization, and your mind, body, and your bank account will thank you later.

Maximum Productivity

When you have everything in one place for your online business, your productivity will soar. You started your business so that you could have a better life, right?

Working yourself into the ground isn’t a better life. 

If working lots of hours light you up, do it! But if working long hours is a chore, cut your time in half by being organized in your online business.

I love to work a lot; it’s how I’m wired. I’m happiest when I’m creating something and running a business. However, I want to have a life and take care of myself and my family. I achieve that balance with maximum productivity from being organized.

When I work, I can make a beeline to exactly what I have to do, get in, get out, take a little time for myself and my family and then get back to working on something else.

I get a whole lot done. 

I wasn’t always this way. I used to be spinning my wheels, unsure of where to spend my time for the best return on my investment. But I took the time to create systems, printables, workflows, and organize my tasks and my business dashboard to have an organized hub to run my business.

If you’re still spinning your wheels, now is the best time to get on the organization train.

Start setting up your business, put your systems into place and keep everything in one spot on your business dashboard.

Organizing your online business is just like anything else. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

An Online Business Plan

how to organize your online business successfully

One of my favorite pieces to my organizational strategy is my Quickstart Business Plan. 

The Quickstart Business Plan can help you get all of your ideas out of your head and onto paper and organize you once and for all. You set strategic business goals and organize a plan to get you on the road to profitability without all the confusion or hassle.

The first step in your organizational strategy is a clear plan. The Quickstart Business Plan will help you unlock a clear plan for your successful business.

When you have your online business organized all in one place and your business plan stacked with all of your strategies, you’re going to make more money.

A (An organized business) + B (A great business strategy) = C (A successful Business)

See how that works? A+B = C

An Organized Mobile Office

One final closing thought…

If you’re not familiar with me, I’m a full-time RVer and digital nomad. I live and work from a luxury RV. I also road school my kids, and space is at a premium.

In this day and age, it’s amazing what you can accomplish from keeping most of your life online.

A big part of your online business organization is your tech. I love paper, and I use it a lot, but I also love my paperless tech.

You can use one app across all of your devices, and no matter where you are, you have access to your business dashboard. How incredible is that?

You never have to miss a beat as long as you have any mobile device, even your phone. Who would have thought all those years ago when you were born that a little tiny phone could help you make so much money? Food for thought.

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