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How To Use EFT Tapping To Manifest Your Dream Life

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EFT Tapping, also known as the emotional freedom technique, is an amazing way to clear energetic blockages. I love to use EFT Tapping to remove limiting beliefs so that it’s easier to manifest the life of my dreams.

EFT Tapping is a perfect way to manifest your dream life quickly. However, you can’t manifest what you want if you keep getting in your own way with old beliefs.

Tapping for manifestation is perfect because you can align your desire, thoughts, and energy to manifest your dreams quickly.

When you have a lot of emotional intensity in your life, that can get in the way of your manifestation. The more you heal your mind, the easier it is to do anything, even manifestation.

What Is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping, also known or the Emotional Freedom Technique, disrupts your old beliefs and thought patterns to replace them with new positive thoughts and feelings.

At the end of this post, you can go through the video tapping sequence with me to uplevel your mindset and become a master manifester.

Manifestation and business go hand in hand. When you have a business, you have the perfect avenue to bring those dreams to come true.

When you combine EFT Tapping and goal setting you can manifest your dreams quicker than you ever thought you could. It’s amazing how fast you can change your negative thought patterns just by tapping on the meridians.

Who is Tapping For?

Tapping is for anyone who wants to change their thought patterns. For example, if you have any limiting beliefs, you can change those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones through EFT Tapping.

I love to use tapping for my clients. It’s perfect for business owners who want to break through barriers to success and take their business further.

When you have a limiting belief, it can hold you back in your business. Your subconscious mind is the gatekeeper to your success. Tapping can clear any negative emotion you have in your business or life, and you can move forward into even more success.

The Benefits Of EFT Tapping

  • EFT Tapping Clears negative energy
  • Disrupts old thought patterns
  • It may help with stress, nervousness, and anxiety
  • It can help you reach your goals more easily
  • It may aid in helping you remove mental blocks
  • It may even help with physical pain
  • It may help you stop self-sabotaging
  • Tapping frees your mind to manifest quicker
  • May help with chronic pain
  • You can tap for weight loss
  • May help with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its psychological symptoms
  • It May help you deal with trauma and is great for your mental health
  • You can tap to help clear any limiting belief

Tapping Points – Meridian Tapping

The specific points that you tap on your body are called tapping points or meridians. These are the same points that are used in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  1. Karate Chop Point – Located on the side of the hand, this is the small intestine meridian. Some of the feelings stored in the small intestine meridian are nervousness, insecurity and abandonment
  2. Top Of Head – This is the balancing point of the body or the Hundred Meeting Points Meridian
  3. Eyebrow – This is the bladder meridian. Some of the feelings stored in the bladder meridian are fear, anxiety and panic
  4. Side Of Eye – This is the Gall Bladder Meridian. Some of the feeling stored in the gall bladder meridian are anger, helplessness and frustration
  5. Under Eye – The Stomach Meridian. Some of the feelings stored in the stomach meridian are criticism, doubt and unreliability
  6. Under Nose – The Governing Meridian. Some of the negative feelings associated with the governing meridian are embarrassment and dishonesty
  7. Chin – This is the Central Meridian. Some of the negative feelings associated with the central meridian are shyness, shame, and overwhelm
  8. Collar Bone – This is the Kidney Meridian. Some of the feelings that are stored in the kidney meridian are carelessness, anxiety and recklessness
  9. Under Arm – This is the Spleen Meridian. Some of the feelings that are stored in the spleen meridian are rejection, envy and worry

Below you will find the EFT Tapping Points Chart.

EFT Tapping Chart

How To Tap

When tapping, you go through each of the meridians with at least 7 taps on each point. You voice your blocks and concerns, speaking the negative thoughts you have, and then replace them with positive acceptance. “Even though I feel like I am not good at anything, I completely love and accept myself.” “Even though I feel like I’ve failed, and I cannot find my place in the world, and sometimes life is hard, I am not a failure, and deep inside, I know exactly where I belong.”

In the beginning, it’s easier to follow a tapping script, so I created one below to use EFT Tapping for manifestation. Your tapping script can be just something simple, write down your negative feelings and tap them out! Need an EFT script? I created the one below to use EFT Tapping for manifestation.

Your tapping script can be just something simple, write down your negative feelings and tap them out!

How To Tell EFT Tapping Is Working

What is EFT Tapping, and does it work? The emotional freedom technique is an energetic type of therapy, and yes, it works!

You can tell if tapping is working because you will feel better!

When your body’s energy begins to shift, some things may happen, such as yawning, crying, your eyes may water, and you even may belch. Yawning is very common when you create a big energy shift.

When clearing a lot of stagnant energy, don’t be surprised if you start to yawn A LOT. That is a widespread side effect after a tapping session.

You may even get exhausted after a tapping session. Whenever you clear energy, it can be tiring. You may want to tap in the evening instead of the morning if it drains your body’s energy.

EFT Tapping To Reach Your Goals

As you can see, the emotional freedom technique is an incredible tool that you can use to reach all of your dreams and goals.

If you are having trouble reaching your goals, you can use EFT Tapping to overcome whatever is blocking you and causing you to get in your own way.

Everything that you want to achieve is already available to you. Once you can wrap your mind around that fact, nothing can stop you. You can always use tapping to overcome anything that holds you back from living the life you deserve.

Have you ever tried EFT Tapping?

Would you like to tap with me? Check out the video below, and we can use the EFT Tapping script to manifest those big dreams.

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