Manifesting Your Goals Successfully

The Most Effective Ways To Start Manifesting Your Goals

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Manifesting your goals is easy when you know what you want. If you are not crystal clear on your goals how can you expect them to manifest?

Craft A Goal Setting Statement To Start Manifesting Your Goals

Before you begin manifesting your goals in your business you need a great goal-setting statement. What is a goal-setting statement? A goal-setting statement is who you are, what you do, and what is the purpose of your business. I have a FREE Goal Setting Statement Worksheet for you to make this so simple to do.

What does it mean to manifest your goals? Manifesting your goals means that you are focusing on your goals using the law of attraction by attracting what you want to happen.

But, it’s really more than that, it’s staying focused on your goal and getting your energy into alignment to making it happen. Sitting back waiting for a goal to be accomplished and doing nothing to make it happen won’t work.

I Help, I Teach, I Create, I Sell

Start with “I help”, “I teach” “I create”, or “I sell”. Whatever it is that you do? What do you do? do you help, teach, create, sell, or a mixture of different things? For example, I create and sell courses and products for entrepreneurs. That makes what I do more simple. Instead of using wordy lingo and mumbo jumbo, I can tell you what I do simply and easily. Break your “I…” statement down into an easy sentence.

Manifesting Your Goals For Your Business Purpose

So My Customers Or Clients Can

Next, is your “So they can” you said what you do, now what does it do for your customers and clients? Mine is so that my customers and clients can get more time in their day, run their business with ease, and beat the frustration and overwhelm of running a business. That is the problem that I solve.

What problem do you solve? Write that solution so you can make it simple. If you are not clear on what it is that you do, you will never be able to start manifesting your goals.

What Is The Purpose Of Your Business For THEM?

Your business helps customers and it helps you. What is the purpose of your business for your customers? I will use mine again for an example. “To help female entrepreneurs run more profitable and efficient businesses allowing them to get more done in less time. So my customers and clients can spend more time with their families while still running their businesses.”

Put the purpose of your business into your customer or client’s perspective so that you can be clear when manifesting your goals. If you know who you are serving and why it’s much easier to manifest your goals.

So often you will hear “What is your why?” That’s kind of broad. A better question to ask yourself is “What is the purpose?” It’s still your why, but it’s a stronger more detailed question. If you want to get crystal clear and to manifest your goals faster you will need clarity.

Goal Setting Strategy

What Is The Purpose Of Your Business For YOU?

Sure, you are in business to solve a problem and to help people, but what’s in it for you? What is the purpose of your business for YOU? If you want to manifest your goals you need to have a reward too. You can’t just exist in business to serve others. Although in a good business the customer is the focus. But what’s in it for you?

Again, I will use my purpose as an example. “To make a great living doing what I love! My business is a driving force from within and I have no choice except to listen to it.” I have a burning desire to create and I don’t have much choice in the matter. I’m simply not happy if I’m not creating. ??‍♀️

Nobody can tell you what the purpose of your business is, that can only come from within you. Figure that out and you will be manifesting your goals at warp speed.

Keep It Simple With ONE Big Goal

Now that you got the who, what and why it’s time to set some goals! Start with ONE big goal. Something big that you can do in one year. You only have to set one big goal so you can completely focus on that one thing. Sure, you will have a lot of smaller goals to set and accomplish to hit the big one, but all you need is one big goal.

Setting more than one major goal can be complicated and frustrating. If you keep your focus on one specific target it’s much easier to start manifesting your goals.

Choose a word of the year that aligns with your goal and write it down. When you write things down they manifest much faster. When you go through the physical act of writing it’s like you are signing a contract with the universe. Then, the universe conspires with you to manifest your goals.

Setting Aligned Goals

Monthly Aligned Goals

Every month set one goal that can be accomplished in 30 days. Make it a goal that aligns with your one big goal. This will get you laser-focused on manifesting your big goal.

If you set a “theme or word of the month” that aligns with the goal you want to manifest you will zone in on that goal and make it happen. For example, let’s say your big goal is to launch a course. Each month you will do something to create a profitable launch. Your first-month theme may be “create”. You would then focus the entire month on brainstorming and fleshing out your course topic and creating an outline.

You can focus on the creation of your course for the entire month. The word “create” will anchor in your manifestation and you will have the direction and a solid plan by the end of your month. Then, the next month you will move onto another focus and build your creation from there.

When you set monthly goals that align with your one big yearly goal it’s so much easier to begin to see the results of manifesting your goals. How do you move a mountain? One scoop at a time.

Weekly Aligned Goals

Manifesting your goals isn’t about sitting around and waiting for the magic to happen. Sure, manifestation can happen like magic but the universe likes when we take aligned action. You can begin manifesting your goals like magic when you have a PLAN of action and follow the plan.

Weekly goals are goals that you can accomplish in one week that align with your monthly and yearly goal. If we go back to the course launch example, and we have four weeks in a month, here is how I would set my weekly goals:

Weekly Goals For The Month [EXAMPLE]:

  1. Week 1 – Brainstorm Course Topic, Sub Topics, and Audience
  2. Week 2 – Research Profitability
  3. Week 3 – Research Course Platforms
  4. Week 4 – Create Course Outline

Don’t set anything too crazy. Set goals that you can easily be accomplished in a week, nothing more nothing less. The weekly goals all align with your monthly theme. You will create your own list to start manifesting your business goals. However, isn’t it much easier to understand when you have an example?

Daily Aligned Goals

I bet you know what I’m going to say here. Create one small goal to focus on that will align with your weekly, monthly, and yearly goal. This isn’t the same as your To-Do list. That’s a whole different thing. Your daily goals will laser focus you on manifesting your goals.

When you can check a daily goal off of your list you get so much satisfaction and it gives you the motivation to keep going.

Be sure to take some days off so you don’t burn yourself out. Sure, this system to start manifesting your goals is not complicated, but if you do too much you can still get burned out.

Manifestation Anchors On Your Phone

Create Manifestation Anchors To Start Manifesting Your Goals

So now that you are clear on what goals you want to set, you can start to create some anchors. Anchors are manifesting tools that you can use to manifest your goals. Anchors simply anchor your manifestation.

Some examples of anchors to help you start manifesting your goals are:

Use EFT Tapping

EFT tapping is an amazing way to start manifesting your goals. EFT Tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way to help you break through any blocks that you have that stop you from believing in yourself.

When you want to achieve your goals the best way to do it is to “throw everything at it” and EFT Tapping will amaze you with how much you can achieve by disrupting negative patters that you have been stuck in.

Tapping will help you clear any negative energy you have lingering to allow you to accomplish your goals.

Can Your Really Manifest Anything You Want?

You can manifest anything that you want as long as you have the right mindset. If you can dream it, you can manifest it. Look at Jim Carrey, he was broke, but he held onto his dream of being an A list actor. He manifested a 10 million dollar deal by setting goals and working toward them. He also carried around a check in his wallet that he had written to himself for 10 million dollars. In the memo of the check he wrote “for acting services rendered”.

If Jim Carey could manifest his ten million dollar dream, why can’t you?

Let’s Recap

  1. Craft Your Goal Setting Statement
  2. Understand Your Purpose
  3. Keep It Simple With One BIG Yearly Goal
  4. Align Your Monthly Goal With Your BIG Yearly Goal
  5. Set Weekly Goals To Accomplish Your Monthly Goals
  6. Set Daily Goals To Manifest Your Goals – But Don’t Burn Yourself Out
  7. Create Anchors To Anchor You Into Manifesting Your Goals
  8. Use EFT Tapping to clear any negative beliefs and blocks that are stopping you from accomplishing your goals

So there you have it, if you follow this formula you will be manifesting your goals in no time! Have you ever used a formula like this to plan your goals before? Or better yet, do you have any tips you would like to share on manifesting your goals?

Want to work with me to set up your own personal business goals? I can help you formulate a PLAN so that you can run your business without the stress and overwhelm of having to figure out everything for yourself. Check out my Business Planning Package so you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

11 thoughts on “The Most Effective Ways To Start Manifesting Your Goals”

  1. Great article! Totally agree with setting one big goal and focusing on that one goal. Often times we burden ourselves trying to accomplish too many goals at the same and end up accomplishing none.

    1. Thank you Wayneish! You are so right about the burden and not accomplishing any of them. I used to set too many goals and once I started focusing on just one big goal it really took the pressure off of me.

  2. So many great points here! Great idea to start with a goal-setting statement! It can be hard to know where to even start with trying to figure out your goals and how to reach them. Having a starting point is incredibly helpful.

    I also love the question: “What is the purpose of your business for your customers?” That’s crucial to take into consideration when trying to map out a route to reach your goals!

    And focusing on just one big goal rather than a bunch of overwhelming smaller goals makes it so much easier to actually accomplish your goal by staying focused and on point. Everything you do should be with your one big goal in mind. I’m all about keeping it simple!
    Briana | Next Destination Unknown recently posted…Facebook Groups for Bloggers: Everything You Need to Know to Skyrocket Your Blog GrowthMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Briana! I’m all about simplicity too. I use this formula to set my goals because it makes it easy and keeps me focused on what I really want and to the point. If something is too difficult I don’t want to do it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for such an easy to follow, informative article on manifesting business goals. I’ve been working on a blog post about goal-setting from a place of purpose and now I realize how much I still need to learn. I loved how you broke it down into one-word goals for the yearly and monthly goals. I need to try that. Hopefully it will take away some of the pressure and overwhelm.

    1. Hi George. I have always loved goal setting, but it just felt so complicated so I broke it down into a way that was easy for me. It did just like you said, it took away the pressure and overwhelm. I’m so glad that resonated with you too. 🙂

  4. Thank you Deanna for sharing your experience in this informative article. My key takeaway from this article is that you need to know the purpose of your business and how it adds value to your customers. I was especially inspired by these key points and believe that they can help anyone striving to achieve their goals. Setting weekly goals to accomplish your monthly goals is an effective way to measure progress and stay on track, while setting daily goals to manifest your desired outcome can be a great way to motivate yourself.
    Keep up the good work!
    Amber Crystal recently posted…Healing Crystal Color Meanings: Ultimate Guide 2022My Profile

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