Business In A Bundle


An Online Course For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Transform your mindset, find your niche and build a brand that resonates with your ideal customers.

Find out who you are, what you are meant to do, and release your genius into the world.

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Discover and create your personal path to entrepreneurship with this dynamic online course.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1

Lesson 1 – The Struggle Within In this lesson, we learn how to conquer the internal struggles that block your success

Lesson 2 – Transformational JournalingIn this powerful lesson, you will learn how to journal for personal and business transformation

Lesson 3 – Manifestation Your Secret Weapon – In this lesson, you will learn the many manifestation techniques that you can use to create that successful business

Lesson 4 – Unleash Your NicheIn this lesson, you will learn exactly what your inner purpose-driven business is meant to be

Module 2

Lesson 1 – Market ResearchThis lesson is where you research your business idea to ensure it is a profitable idea as possible

Lesson 2 – Your Corner Of The Market – In this lesson, you will discover the best place your business fits in the market

Lesson 3 – Building Your BrandIn this lesson, you will learn how to create and craft your brand story and all the elements of your brand while creating your personalized Brand Bible

Lesson 4 – Unleash Your Genius Into The WorldIn this lesson, you will discover how to take your business idea and release it into the world as your very own purpose-driven business